Automated Aerial surveillance all year round for your most valued assets.

We use Balloon Satellite and intelligent software for automated assessment of surveillance feeds giving rise to real-time monitoring, event detection, analytics, Live-logging, etc.

Whats our Technology like?

Our Balloons

We use helium balloons to carry earthbound satellites*, Integrated Multiple deployments of our balloons create unlimited opportunities for you with specialized integration built into them, they work together in SynQ to deliver exceptional performance levels, over very large areas. They are also Built to Last in harsh weather conditions, to ensure all year round surveillance over your asset.

Our Sensors

Our technology is powered by top of the line visible spectrum camera’s with HD resolution, however, that’s not all, we have equipped these satellites with the most advanced thermal and near-infrared Imagers with the best resolutions available on the market. With these, we collect high-quality data that helps us get the best analytics about your facility.

Our Software

Our Software is niched to deliver the best service tailored to your field of application. With top of the line security built into our infrastructure, your data is guaranteed maximum security and safety. Oil Theft detection has just gotten better with exquisite algorithms tailored to predict and catch every event with minimal false-positive reports, all powered through our Software.

Why AirSynQ?

Year-round Continous surveillance

With our system, balloons expend zero energy to keep them afloat, making energy demand as low as possible, powering our system with solar systems provides enough power to keep us afloat all year round and due to the resistance of our system to weather conditions we can afford to stay up for up to a 365 days, keeping a constant surveillance over your asset 24/7 with minimal service downtime.

Automated Operation

Our processes are completely automated from start to finish, coordination of our balloons is done by a highly optimized automation routine that ensures the balloon stays in the predetermined region to ensure that constant surveillance over a designated asset is ensured, and with the coordinated operation of multiple balloons real-time mosaics of surveillance feed is recreated to maps that show all balloon feed as one image.

Automated Surveillance feed assessment

In a bid, take introduce flexibility to the next level, our systems analyze data on the fly using our ML algorithms to generate analytics from surveillance data in real-time. We use a parallel processing architecture to ensure that all feeds from surveillance data are analyzed and results are generated in real-time.

Enterprise Software

With a powerful cloud processing architecture, we have not left you out of the picture, by providing you with a clean, responsive and interactive dashboard, packaged into a robust software package to keep you in the loop with anything going on around you facilities, assets, etc., from your mobile, web or desktop portals dedicated to you. Our software gives you real-time analytics to help you focus on what matters, our live logging feature allows you to view logs from events you are might be interested in checking out.

Our Products


Spill-sat is a oil spill, gas leak and vandalization detection system. It uses a balloon satellite to collect aerial data that is processed and used to provide real-time analytics to oil companies.

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