We are AirSynQ

The longer drone surveillance systems can last in flight, the more robust their operational capabilities become. Yet, over the years we have seen a slow improvement in the flight duration capabilities of drones. While conventional satellites seem to present a solution, the cost of development and launching of the satellite would be too high, adding to restrictions that would have to be imposed due to the military nature of such satellites in space. So we thought, what could we do to make aerial surveillance more robust and useful for all of us?

This is how we created AirSynQ

We decided to take advantage of the opportunity created by using balloon satellites to lift satellites and make them function as drones would. The solution was rather difficult and complex but we decided to boil the problem down to its first-principle and built it from the ground-up. As a result, we succeeded in creating a solution that performs long-duration flights powered by solar panels by using helium gas to generate lift.

We are doing all this hardwork

We are doing all this hard work with an ambitious goal at the back of our mind. To make aerial surveillance easy, robust and creation of limitless possibilities for its use.

We will achieve that by building balloon lifted satellites for long-duration flights.

Today long duration aerial surveillance is uncatered for, our solution at AirsynQ will bring the definitive long-lasting solution to the problem.

Our goal motivates us to get better every day and optimize our operations to meet your particular needs.