Automated Aerial surveillance all year round for your most valued assets.

We use Balloon Satellite and intelligent software for automated assessment of surveillance feeds giving rise to

Real-time monitoring Event detection Analytics Live-logging

Our Technology

Long Duration aerial surveillance

With a 90 day continuous flight time, our balloon satellite brings the best of drone technology and satellite technology into a merger backed by a floating helium balloon satellite platform.

High surveillance resolution and coverage

Capturing high-resolution aerial image data consistently is made easier with our high-resolution visible spectrum and near-infrared camera. Together they are capable of wide-angle image capturing to cover large areas at once in real-time.

Military-grade security

When collecting sensitive data, secure and reliable protection of data is our priority. Thus, we have incorporated military-grade security encryption protocols to protect all the data collected in an end-to-end fashion.

Balloon Satellite: The what, the how and the why

Our balloon satellite is an unmanned aerial system that uses helium gas contained in a balloon to generate upward lift without expending energy. The balloon carries satellite-like equipment powered by an array of lightweight solar panels, used to collect data and relay it to a corresponding ground station for processing in real-time.

Our balloon satellite provides unparalleled flight duration of up to 90-days uninterrupted at a relatively low cost. With its ability to operate autonomously in any weather condition, it can successfully carry out a long-duration surveillance mission with ease.

How industrial clients use AirSynQ

Pipeline monitoring for oil and gas companies in Nigeria to prevent pipeline vandalism.

Defence and military, long-duration high altitude aerial surveillance solution to cater for border security, insurgence tracking, terrorism activities, enemy base monitoring and intel-gathering.

Anti-poaching endeavours to constantly monitor wildlife and prevent illegal hunting and poaching of protected endangered animals.

Maritime Surveillance: keeping track of maritime operations from the sky, track fishing operations, tracking unauthorized ships as well as prevention of sea piracy.

Why You would choose AirsynQ

Military-grade security

Data protection is put at the core design to ensure maximum data protection is guaranteed.

Long duration aerial surveillance

We offer up to 90 days uninterrupted aerial surveillance real-time data provision.

High Spatial resolution:

Even at such high altitudes, high-end sensors are employed to capture detailed images up to 1mm resolution of up to 625 square km area (*configuration may vary)

Localized threat detection:

With a cloud-based ML processing software, threat detection and evaluation is carried out on the fly and reported instantaneously.

High altitude operation

With the ability to operate above and below cloud level, a minimum operating altitude of 3000m and maximum of ~35km-40km ensures that the balloon system is completely out of plain sight from the ground.

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