Spill-sat is an oil spill, gas leak, and vandalism detection system. It uses a balloon satellite equipped with a thermal, near-infrared and visible spectrum image sensor, to collect aerial data that is processed using an AI software that runs on a cloud-hosted computer to provide real-time analytics, forecast gas leaks, and oil spills as well as predict vandalism by detecting vandals when they approach or attack a pipeline section that is been surveyed. The sensors Mounted on our satellite provide a wide array of data that when processed with an intelligent software, we are able to give you the best information to inform better decision making and also allow for automated detection and prediction of Pipeline Vandalism, oil spills, and gas leaks.

Our Process


Determine the pipeline section to be surveyed


Deploy balloons with sensors mounted to desired locations


Set virtual perimeters and map pipeline section in the software


Transmit surveillance streams to ground station


Upload streams to the cloud


Process streams on cloud software and gives real-time analytics and feedback


Display feedback on user dashboard application


Ring alarms and provide analytics on the situation when spooky situations are identified


Give analytics quarterly and annually to inform better decision making